Take caffeine to boost your workouts

Taking caffeine before a workout may seem counter intuitive to some, but science says otherwise. When you hit the gym, the benefit you see at the end of the session will often times be determined by the level of effort you exert during the workout (I say often because nutrition also plays a huge factor). Spending 45 minutes in the gym doing crappy workout takes the same amount of time to do a great workout. How you fuel yourself will ultimately determine if you spent that 45 minutes wisely or should have just stayed in bed. If caffeine is something you should take before a workout, what is it going to do and how much should you take?

Can muscle soreness be reduced with BCAA’s?

If you lift weights, or if you plan to lift weights, then you should familiar with the soreness experienced the day (or days) following a good workout.  Sometimes its just a moderate amount of discomfort.  Other times you may have trouble sitting on the toilet for a couple days because of the muscle soreness after…

BCAA’s increase testosterone levels post resistance training

As you can tell by the name of our company, we believe in the power of Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAA). BCAA’s are one of the most tested supplement powders for performance enhancement and recovery. You can be sure that we are going to provide you with well over 50 studies that will show you why we believe in this powder.

Take HMB for increased muscle growth and recovery

Every individual looking to effectively maintain their weight should be focused on muscle growth. Building muscle isn’t reserved for bodybuilders and males alone. There are many people out there that are always looking to find the most effective and efficient means of supplementation.

Do you really want to lose weight?

Too often do I see a friend or a co-worker hop on the supplement band wagon when they start working out in an effort to either pack on muscle, lose fat, or both. When I deployed to Iraq, I was this same guy.