Post workout nutrition: Here’s what science says

The Norwegian School and Sport Sciences published new research this year testing the importance of post exercise carbohydrate and protein consumption. It’s always good to stay up to date with the current science behind nutrition because it is constantly changing. When it comes to exercise nutrition, you should constantly be looking for research that validates how you currently train and eat.

Lift weights? Here’s how much protein you should consume

Protein is absolutely essential in building muscle. When you start lifting weights your entire goal is to build muscle and burn fat. People don’t always understand how important and impactful the right diet will have on the results they are seeking.

Eating small meals does not increase metabolism

There has been this myth propagating throughout the internet that eating small, frequent meals throughout the day boosts your metabolism. When you don’t understand how the body works, it might make logical sense.

I want to lose weight: Where do I start?

According to the National Institute of Health, 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight or obese and 1 out of 3 is obese. This is a crazy high number that people should really take note of. With numbers this high this means that a good majority of people who read this article will have a significant amount of weight they need to lose. If you search for ways to lose weight on the internet, the amount of results is pretty staggering.

If you’re a vegan, you need to read this

More and more people every year are making a life style change and moving towards becoming completely vegan. Not to be confused with a vegetarian, a vegan removes all animal products from their diet (and sometimes their life which may include vegan clothing). There are many reason why people choose to live the life of a Vegan but to be honest, it doesn’t really matter why. Everyone is entitled to follow whatever diet and lifestyle they choose, but I believe everyone is also entitled to be well informed. For this reason, you need to read the rest of this article to make sure you aren’t risking your life because of your lifestyle change.